Let’s Dive Into the Game World and Win Treasures with GameFi Party



Nov 8, 20222 min read

Let’s Dive Into the Game World and Win Treasures with GameFi Party

A feature that sprouted for months has been unveiled. A game world with endless experiences is reaching GameFi.org. A destination where users can explore the appealing gameplay, immerse yourselves, and win rewards at ease. Sound interesting enough? Let’s discover!

Why GameFi Party?

GameFi.org's motto is user orientation and user experience increase. Thus, we continuously come up with new ideas and build products for the sake of the community. GameFi.org has been sprouting a feature that users can play their favorite games without hard effort but still win rewards at ease.

Back in August 2022, we launched an event named Catventure in the Multiverse to celebrate GameFi.org’s first anniversary. It was like an MVP for our key features released in the near future. At the event, users actually immersed themselves in engaging gameplay and interacted with others.

Thanks to constructive feedback from the community and partners, we have gained lots of experience and come up with suitable ideas to build a more complete GameFi Party product. The feature is promising to be a destination for many users, even newcomers to access GameFI.org as a channel to learn about the project, experience, and make the decision whether to go along with a project.

What is GameFi Party?

GameFi Party is a game world with the presence of diverse games and gamified projects. It was born with a mission to connect the multi-projects with their real players. Not just a normal game listing platform, users can actually dive into the thrilling game modes, manage to earn scores, and gain rewards from GameFi.org and projects.

The feature promises to bring GameFi.org community an unlimited party where they can meet, exchange, play, and share prizes.

What is Special in GameFi Party?

Captivating experience of multiple gameplay

Not only limited to game and metaverse projects, but users can also access various projects such as DeFi, SocialFi, and so on. Furthermore, the number of game pools will be continuously updated so that users can try multiple game modes at any time.

Getting rewards even if not in the leaderboard

In GameFi Party, we do not consider it a tournament that requires hard effort or beating other users to climb the leaderboard. We distribute the rewards in many categories so that users can have fun but still obtain rewards.

Various prizes

Besides rewards in stablecoins, GameFi Party offers users lots of prizes with high value and rarity. It can be tokens, NFTs, tickets, and nowhere-to-be-found rewards from GameFi.org and projects.

GameFi Party is going Live on GameFi.org

GameFi Party is coming. It will be an unlimited party for the community to meet, exchange, play, and share prizes.

👉🏻 Let’s discover what you can gain: https://gamefi.org/party.

The first-ever game pool will be live in 5 days with exciting rewards. More and more gaming chances are still hidden and waiting for you. Stay tuned 🛎.

Projects Registration:

If projects would like to introduce your games for users to experience on GameFi Party, don’t hesitate to send your offer via email: [email protected].

About GameFi.org

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