Let’s Experience a Unique Defense Strategy Game with Legends of Mitra!



Jan 4, 20222 min read

Let’s Experience a Unique Defense Strategy Game with Legends of Mitra!

Being built on Klaytn, Cronos, Algorand, Wax, and Binance chain, Legends of Mitra offers a multi-chain defensive game with an exciting storyline, distinctive game modes, and attractive rewards.

We are excited to partner with Legends of Mitra to conduct the upcoming IGO on our launchpad and support promoting it on GameFi Aggregator. The project has now been listed on GameFi Aggregator, where you can find in-depth information about game features, play mode, play-to-earn model, and more. Let’s have a look at details here: https://gamefi.org/game/legends-of-mitra.

Highlight features of Legends of Mitra

Legends of Mitra (LoM) is a 3D play-to-earn defense strategy game in which players can earn $MITA tokens and valuable NFTs based on their engagement, skills, contributions, and efforts in the game. Integrating blockchain technology, NFT components, and economic incentives makes LoM different from regular mobile games.

Mitra was a beautiful and powerful Kingdom with an abundance of natural resources. Because of its wealth and riches, it suffered under the Curse of Crimson Fell and was invaded by the Oblivion Horde. The monstrous Horde plundered and stormed across the land, annihilating everything in its path. Players’ mission is to fight and defeat Horde and his army to restore Mitra to its former grandeur.

There are numerous game modes in LoM for users to experience:

  • Campaign: Campaign is a PVE mode created for players who want to grind experience, heroes, equipment, etc. It consists of 10 Chapters, each of which has six levels to facilitate the grinding of specific skills and resources.
  • Battle: Players can acquire and deploy a variety of defensive alternatives to complete their missions in this mode. They will participate in active PvP, where they will be matched up at random to combat each other based on their heroes’ level, skills, and abilities.
  • Clan: Clan mode is designed for gamers who want to engage in community-based and long-term gameplay. Players will begin by constructing a Village, then develop it into a Town, City, Kingdom, and come together to compete and raid other clans.

In Legends of Mitra, players can receive tokens and valuable rewards when playing games, winning leaderboards, selling NFTs, staking $MITA, and participating in governance votes. The more skillful they are, the more enemies they defeat, and they earn $MITA.

On January 10, Legends of Mitra will land on the GameFi launchpad and conduct its IGO for $MITA. More information about whitelist registration and a detailed schedule will be revealed soon on our channels.

Find out more about Legends of Mitra via the links below:

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