Let’s Experience Rebel Bots — Xoil Wars: a Skill-Based Collectible Card Game Backed by Ubisoft and Overwolf.



Feb 25, 20222 min read

Let’s Experience Rebel Bots — Xoil Wars: a Skill-Based Collectible Card Game Backed by Ubisoft and Overwolf.

One of the most compelling card games will land on the GameFi.org launchpad this March. Rebel Bots — a game with visionary features is expected to attract users with its simple yet sustainable mechanisms.

Rebel Bots — Xoil Wars is a cross-platform card battle game in which players can play, progress, and earn crypto rewards. One of the intriguing features of this game is the sci-fi theme in outer space. The game requires players to unite around extra-terrestrial kingdoms, build an army of fighting robots, and battle against others for valuable Xoil resources.

Rebel Bots has been launched on GameFi.org Aggregator with detailed information and appealing visualization. ➡️➡️ Check now: https://gamefi.org/game/rebel-bots

The project aims to create a leading game franchise within the blockchain world by building the Rebel Bots brand with some game titles. Players can utilize their characters in all the games within the Rebel Bots universe. The games will put a lot of emphasis on social features and interaction between players.

Game Features

Rebel Robots would like to stand out several characteristics to make their play-to-earn game more attractive, particularly:

  • Skill-based game: The game is primarily skill-based, with little or no luck involved in the gameplay. All players have chances to win a tournament even they are not ranked at the top.
  • Social gameplay: Players need to join forces to defeat other players for season rewards while at the same time competing against each other. This feature creates better virality, improved retention, increasing engagement rates, and organic growth.
  • High production quality: The project focuses on every aspect of the game, such as art design and the backstory of characters. They aim at game stability and the ultimate experience to deliver the highest production level for players.
  • Simple yet sustainable play-to-earn model: The game targets to create a simple mechanism for players who prefer to engage with the game and still earn from it. There are lots of ways to earn from the gameplay, but the game economy ensures long-term sustainable tokenomics.
  • Must be fun: Rebel Bots would like to drive its player to join the game with excitement from gameplay and earning policies.

Investors and partners

Rebel Bots has a world-class list of investors with their key investors being Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest game publishers, and Overwolf, a gaming platform with close to 30M players in their ecosystem.

We are delighted to collaborate with the Rebel Bots team to conduct its $RBLS IGO and Community pool on March 05, 2022. The detailed information about the whitelist application and Gleam competition will be updated on our communication channels shortly. Let’s stay tuned.

More information about Rebel Bots:

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