Let’s Join in PlaceWar — A Decentralized Strategic Play-to-Earn Game Universe with Highly Engaging Artillery Gameplay



Nov 5, 20212 min read

Let’s Join in PlaceWar — A Decentralized Strategic Play-to-Earn Game Universe with Highly Engaging Artillery Gameplay

We are delighted to announce that PlaceWar has partnered with GameFi to hold its IGO for $PLACE this November. The project has now been listed on GameFi Aggregator, where you can find in-depth information about game features, play mode, play-to-earn model, and more. Read game details here!

Have you ever thought about leaving your own legacy to a whole virtual world? Immersing in PlaceWar, you will battle, create and become a part of the Internet culture history.

PlaceWar is a multi-chained gamified Internet culture metaverse featuring a play-to-earn strategic artillery game ecosystem. It allows players to shape and define the outlook of the in-game world through building, battles and alliance.

PlaceWar is not simply “another P2E” game. It opens up a whole new realm for gamers and design enthusiasts, not just limited to the crypto space. Additionally, players will be empowered to show their own design, customise designs of tanks, defenders, structures, terrain, and even game modes. They can also vote on proposals they support, winners of creative campaigns, admission of new tank model designs, or even the regulations of a new season using PlaceDAO.

PlaceWar intends to deploy across multiple blockchains. As a result, players can participate in the game ecosystem wherever the gas cost is the lowest, and they have the ability to trade their game NFT assets at the best rate.

As a part of the collaboration, GameFi will conduct a public sale for $PLACE tokens on November 12, 2021. $PLACE is an BEP-20 governance token for the PlaceWar universe. The utility of PLACE includes: token staking rewards, in-game reward and utility, and governance voting. More information about the $PLACE IGO event will be announced soon on our channels.

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