Let’s join the thrilling journey in the metaverse galaxy with MetaWars — an upcoming IGO project on GameFi!



Oct 6, 20212 min read

Let’s join the thrilling journey in the metaverse galaxy with MetaWars — an upcoming IGO project on GameFi!

We are excited to announce that we have formed a partnership with MetaWars — a multiplayer strategy & role-playing game with a vast universe. This collaboration plays an important role in providing IGO support on GameFi on October 27, 2021. To get ready for this event, let’s follow the article below to find out more about MetaWars.

MetaWars is a strategic role-playing game with the play-to-earn model. MetaWars enables participants worldwide to earn money by adopting blockchain technology into the booming gaming industry. Players will explore, battle throughout the universe, trade robots, ships, and planetary terrain backed by NFT in-game items. Let’s impact every major event across the galaxy by choosing your path using an enormous collection of NFTs in MetaWars’s world.

Highlight features of MetaWars

MetaWars brings exciting adventures with an unlimited universe constructed in a digital metaverse.

  • Exploration

Players embark on a thrilling adventure to discover galaxies that are dangerous places await them and challenge their talent. They traverse the mysterious MetaWars galaxy, complete tasks, and defend against enemies. The ability to stake, earn coins and gather NFT collectibles provides an advantageous addition for players because these earnings will allow them to get $WARS tokens.

  • Combat

In a dangerous place, players play clone pilots trying to live under a false identity. They will have the option to fight in either PvP or PvE modes to get attractive rewards. Additionally, players can create a personalized character based on their preferences in MetaWars.

  • Acquire Terrain

When players purchase Terrain for their bases of operations, they will acquire exclusive rights to resource collection and other economic advantages. Privileges include mining, homesteading (building homes), farming, and harvesting materials from the respective areas. The more Terrain you own, the greater your chance of being the primary owner of the planet.

  • Fleet formation

In this stage, players can build and expand their private ship fleet and robots from a virtually endless variety of unique ship classes. There is a secondary market for robots and ships backed by NFTs. Users will have chances to purchase weapons, devices, equip perks to fit their playstyle, and get rewards.

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