Let’s Wander in The Post-Apocalypse World in The Wasted Lands, an Amazing NFT Metaverse Game



Dec 12, 20212 min read

Let’s Wander in The Post-Apocalypse World in The Wasted Lands, an Amazing NFT Metaverse Game

We are thrilled to announce that The Wasted Lands will conduct its $WAL IGO on our launchpad this month. Let’s find out the most exciting and unique game features in this article.

The Wasted Lands is a puzzle RPG strategy game where players take part in an adventure across the post-apocalyptic period. At that time, an infection outbreak destroyed almost all human beings except for three tribes. Gamers’ mission is to gather a squad of different species to find reasons for the wipeout.

The game combines free-to-play and play-to-earn models so that players can gain profit and have fun in the game. In the beginning, the system gives out free non-NFT warriors so that players can join freely and access all features. The game provides players with various mechanisms for the ultimate experience:

  • Rank & Matchmaking: A ranking and matchmaking system ensures fairness to all players and maintains competitiveness in every match.
  • Regular tournaments & competition: Players have chances to win precious prizes when joining weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual tournaments.
  • Offspring breeding: Players can generate new characters via Warrior Born features. By combining two NFT warriors, new offspring were born and inherited the powerful traits.
  • Governance: Players can stand by 1 out of 3 tribes’ sides in the game and vote for their favorite faction for more rewards and game features.

At the end of 2021, Wasted Lands will open an NFT marketplace to enable players to trade and select the best warriors. In 2022, the project will introduce NFT fusion and breeding features so that players can create their personalized warriors. More exciting functions and gameplay will be revealed soon to the community.

GameFi will collaborate with The Wasted Lands to host its IGO for $WAL on December 17. Let’s stay tuned on our official channels to receive the project’s latest news about whitelist registration and the IGO timeline.

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