Microsoft Prepares To Bridge Its Services With The Metaverse



Nov 2, 20222 min read

Microsoft Prepares To Bridge Its Services With The Metaverse

The software and computing behemoth Microsoft is attempting to metaverse-ify a portion of its software service stack. Ihsan Anabtawi, CMO of Microsoft UAE, declared that the company was working to make its cloud division compatible with metaverse experiences, and to allow companies to use the data obtained as resources for their specific applications.

Microsoft’s Activities in the Metaverse

Microsoft, one of the largest software companies in the world, stands as businesses that concentrate on the metaverse as a component of the digital future. Accordingly, Microsoft intends to support businesses in the metaverse by publishing mixed-reality technology integration services. The business aims to  expand the metaverse's user base. They have been making investments in supplying the instruments required to make this a long-term reality. Ihsan Anabtawi, COO of Microsoft’s UAE branch, said, “This isn’t a short term investment; this is bringing the full power of our work across several areas to enable the future of computing in the metaverse for businesses and consumers.”

Microsoft acknowledges the metaverse as a way for people to connect in a hybrid world through presence and connection in any place. The business intends to immerse customers and workers  from the workplace in immersive worlds for new experiences.

Microsoft Metaverse Tools

To make its metaverse services a reality, Microsoft is placing its bets across a number of products. The internet of Things (IoT), the first product, is a platform that uses mixed reality technology to produce digital representations of people and business operations in the actual world.

On July 20, 2022, the Microsoft HoloLens2 was launched in the United Arab Emirates. It is a headset that connects directly to the Microsoft Cloud for artificial intelligence, iterative testing, and data analysis. Companies can use a physical product's model and examine relevant data before investing using the holographic technology of the device. The medical industry can also receive remote support from this equipment. It enables programmers to create any experience. Users can also access teams, collaborative apps, and purpose-built applications with its assistance.

Microsoft is currently working on a different offering called Digital 365 Connected Spaces. In order to increase the adoption and experiences of the metaverse, this product has been created to model how people move and interact inside space.





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