NFTSTAR Signs Deals With Top Football Stars Ahead Of Metaverse Sport Village



Nov 18, 20221 min read

NFTSTAR Signs Deals With Top Football Stars Ahead Of Metaverse Sport Village

Three top football stars have signed ambassadorship agreements with the web3 sports fandom networking platform NFTSTAR.

Neymar Jr., a Brazilian football star who presently plays for PSG, and Son Heung-Min, a South Korean player for Tottenham Fc, have partnerships with the site. Additionally, Luis Figo, the retired Portuguese footballer who won the 2000 Ballon d'Or award, signed a contract with NFTSTAR.

The "Global Sports Village," according to NFTSTAR, would make it possible for followers of these football legends to interact with their idol. Regular meet-and-greets, AMAs, limited NFT drops, and a virtual sports arena will all be included in the event.

Why is the Global Sports Village taking place on The Sandbox?

On The SandBox, the Global Sports Village will be held. NFTSTAR has teamed up with Forj, an Animoca Brand firm that has previously collaborated with Ankr, Mantra DAO, Phala Network, Polygon, and The Sandbox, to make this a reality.  The SandBox is the ideal metaverse for the Global Sports Village, according to NFTSTAR co-founder Abe Ren, who was asked why the business made this decision. He added that NFT will be promoted through The SandBox and the metaverse will broaden its coverage of the world’s gaming and sports scenes.

Recently, NFTSTAR launched Neymar Jr. NFTs on its marketplace. The NFT will allow holders to engage in community voting. One of the major goals of the team is to connect with a lot of fans across the globe. Currently. NFTSTAR is solely focused on the metaverse.

Neymar Jr. NFTs were recently introduced on NFTSTAR's marketplace. Holders of the NFT will be able to participate in local elections. To connect with many fans worldwide is one of the team's main objectives. Currently, the metaverse is NFTSTAR's exclusive area of interest.

Other football organizations are engaged in metaverse communication. For instance, in September and October, FIFA deals with Upland metaverse and Roblox metaverse. In addition, two Web3 businesses, StadioPlus and Vegas City Limited, have partnered with LaLiga, Spain's leading football league in cooperation with DCL.





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