Oly Sport — An NFT Horse Racing Blockchain-based Game will Conduct its $OLY Public Sale on GameFi!



Nov 2, 20212 min read

Oly Sport — An NFT Horse Racing Blockchain-based Game will Conduct its $OLY Public Sale on GameFi!

We are excited to announce GameFi’s alliance with Oly Sport — the world’s first horse racing metaverse game to hold $OLY IGO on our launchpad.

The project has now been listed on GameFi Aggregator, where you can find in-depth information about game features, play mode, play-to-earn model, and more. Read game details here!

Oly Sport is expected to become one of the biggest horse racing games on the blockchain platform. It combines blockchain, gaming, and horse racing, as well as real-world land rewards. Oly Sport not only offers a unique experience, but it also allows users to own noble horse breeds with monetary value transparently.

The core idea of Oly Sport is to solve existing problems of traditional horse racing games like expensive horses and racecourses, the lack of ownership and exclusiveness, slow transaction, a predictable game story, and so on. Oly Sport introduces their Metaverse with virtual land and racecourse to deal with those problems, which allow players and investors to own real estate in real life. This sets the unique standard for Oly Sport’s Metaverse. Besides land and racecourse, players and investors can easily access their horses through buying, collecting, and trading. Compared to a million-dollar purebred horse in real life, rare horses in Oly Sport are much more affordable and unique.

One more reason to try on Oly Sport is their game idea. Oly Sport was designed from the start to be an e-sport. That means the game has a highly robust structure and is engaging as well as long-lasting. Moreover, Oly Sport focuses on growing and monetizing with a player base. The game provides many ways for players to earn real profits, such as racing, investing, horse-trading, ponies breeding, etc.

As a part of the collaboration, GameFi will conduct a public sale for $OLY tokens on November 6, 2021. Holding $OLY provides access to the horse farm, racecourse, unique horse breeds, and more. Details about whitelist registration and the detailed IGO schedule will be released soon.

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