Orbofi AI: The “Amazon” of AI content models with 50k users, and +25M assets for web3, games, and every online community



May 11, 20232 min read

Orbofi AI: The “Amazon” of AI content models with 50k users, and  +25M assets for web3, games, and every online community

Generate AI assets, create your own AI models, and monetize!  

Orbofi AI is currently the most used and adopted AI engine in the web3 space with over 50k users, and over 25 million AI-generated assets. Orbofi AI is a multi-purpose generative AI platform and infrastructure that acts as the Amazon of AI content models for web3, games, apps, and every online community, that empowers people to generate AI assets for games and media, and create and monetize finetuned AI models.  The Orbofi AI platform offers the easiest no-code tool to create AI models.

It is expected to reach 1 million users by the end of 2023, and Orbofi AI is set to become to primary AI engine and AI asset layer for all web3, on multiple blockchains

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✨ Revolutionizing Asset Creation and Earning with AI and Blockchain

This is what you can do with Orbofi

  1. Generate 2D, 3D, audio, and any kind of digital content as assets using artificial intelligence for use in games, media, apps, and the metaverse, then tokenize them on the blockchain and sell them for cryptocurrency.
  2. Create AI models, aka virtual factories that produce digital goods and earn profits based on their usage by customers.
  3. Foster a collaborative and socially incentivized environment for imagination and asset creation.

✨ Exceptional technological infrastructure inside Orbofi

Orbofi is at the forefront of artificial intelligence, pushing the boundaries of what AI can create by leveraging the power of Transformer models, a class of deep learning architectures designed primarily for handling sequential data, such as natural language processing (NLP) tasks.

Orbifi will not stop developing the existing system with AI content engine and Transformers, but also to push the limits of what AI image generators can achieve with Diffusion and Large Language models.

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✨ Support from Top-Tier Backers and Investors!

Orbofi AI has attracted significant support from leading backers and investors, and top brands and celebrities,  including Cogitent ventures, OIG capital, CSP dao, halvings capital, and other top-tier VCs.

Orbofi AI is also working with big names and brands to empower them and their audiences with branded AI models,  including Hollywood actor Danny Trejo and social media app Triller, home to over 200M users. Plus, they have also built an official metaverse space for the Qatar World Cup 2022, utilizing its AI content infrastructure. Orbifi AI has an extensive lineup of celebrities and big brands in the pipeline.

With the backing of well-known industry partners, Orbofi AI can conduct their goal mission to make imagination a collective and incentivized experience and to power the current and next evolution of user-generated virtual factories, economies, stories, 3D worlds, and gamified experiences with AI and blockchain.


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