PolkaPets — A Unique Series of Utility-laden NFTs will Launch its $PETS Public Sale on GameFi!



Oct 19, 20212 min read

PolkaPets — A Unique Series of Utility-laden NFTs will Launch its $PETS Public Sale on GameFi!

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming project, PolkaPets, that will conduct its IGO for $PETS on GameFithis month. In this article, let’s find out who they are, what is attractive, and the project’s best features.

PolkaPets is an NFT collectible card game that incorporates various Polkadot projects to provide a blockchain-based interactive utility. Each PolkaPet is an artistic creature representing a specific project on Polkadot and corresponds to the project’s characteristics. Immersing in the PolkaPets universe, users can utilize NFTs in a gaming community and connect real-world collectibles to digital markets.

PolkaPets will release games based on PolkaPets cards in the near future. Players will enter a unique universe filled with a variety of distinctive inner-power creatures. Moreover, they can also get attractive rewards and earn money by participating in the games.

PolkaPets focuses on bringing individuals together to educate and innovate on the power of NFTs. PolkaPet cards are the first step in having crypto-collectibles in the real world. The PolkaPet collectibles will serve as a bridge between digital treasures and real-world tangible cards, helping to develop demand for NFTs as the industry matures.

PolkaPet is not just intended to appeal to collectors but also to be employed in a competitive game. PolkaPet cardholders can vote and select recipients, giving them control over where their money goes in accelerating the applications and technology that will bolster NFTs in the future.

In collaboration with GameFi, PolkaPets will launch its $PETS public sale on our launchpad on October 26, 2021. This event will be a great chance for users to gain exposure to the PolkaPets in-game currency. The $PETS utility token will be used to interact with PolkaPet World products and services. Users can stake $PETS for attractive APY or exclusive NFTs drops, earn $PETS through P2E games and vote on everything from art to new PolkaPet partners with their $PETS token.

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