Race Now In SYLTARE Cup Event On GameFi Party - $4,000 Awaiting For Top Players & Guilds



Jan 11, 20233 min read

Race Now In SYLTARE Cup Event On GameFi Party - $4,000 Awaiting For Top Players & Guilds


SYLTARE is a trading card game infused with NFTs. With each match lasting about 3 minutes and addictive gameplay mechanics, anyone can play and win $SYL Tokens.


There are 3 game modes: Normal Mode, Sit & Go Mode, and Tournament Mode.

1. Normal Mode

Normal Mode is the standard type of gameplay in SYLTARE. Players don’t need to own any NFT cards nor any SYLTokens to play. Winning in Normal Mode grants players points but losing will result in loss of points. These points determine a player’s tier ranging from Master, the highest tier, to Silver, the lowest tier.

2. Sit & Go Mode

In the Sit & Go mode, victors of each match are paired with other winners until only one player remains. In a Sit & Go, elimination occurs after one match loss. Instead of tiers or points, like in Normal Mode, there are simply victories and losses. In contrast to Normal Mode, which employs 10,000 NFT SYLTARE cards, players will additionally use 20 cards specifically designed for Sit & Go.

3. Tournament Mode

The Sit & Go mode may hold between 2 and 16 people, but otherwise, it is quite similar to tournament play. Tournaments will feature a large number of players and be scheduled, big events, in contrast to Sit & Gos, which often begin as soon as the player cap is reached.

SYLTARE Cup Event on GameFi Party

SYLTARE is opening a special Cup event on GameFi Party with a total prize pool of 4,000 BUSD for TOP players and guilds.

Players and guilds will go through 2 phases in SYLTARE Cup Event: the Airdrop phase and the Battle phase.

1️⃣ Airdrop Phase

In the airdrop phase, players will need to complete social tasks to have rewards in USDT. Complete all social tasks and refer friends to get more rewards.

2️⃣ Battle Phase

The battle phase will bring more amazing experiences to players as you can join Sit&Go Mode for free and battle with other players to earn attractive rewards.

  • Participation time: 11:00 UTC, Dec 28 - 14:00 UTC, Jan 10
  • Playtime: You can only play between 11:00 UTC - 14:00 UTC daily
  • Race for rewards here: https://gamefi.org/party/syltare_game
  • Pool rewards: $3,000 USDT

$SYL and $ETH Free for SYLTARE Cup Event on GameFi Party

Players will be airdropped $SYL and $ETH to play the Sit&Go Mode free in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Whitelist from Dec 28 - Dec 29 → Airdrop $SYL + $ETH on Dec 30
  • Phase 2: Whitelist from Dec 29 - Jan 6 → Airdrop $SYL + $ETH on Jan 6
  • Phase 3: Airdrop on Jan 8 based on guilds’ actual playing percentage

SYLTARE Cup Event Guideline

When you already have $SYL and $ETH airdropped to your wallet, you can start playing SYLTARE as instructed below:

  • Step 1: Play game at Playnow
  • Step 2: Connect wallet (Please change your network to Ethereum Mainnet when connecting wallet)
  • Step 3: Choose SitnGo mode and play.

In order to join a match, users will need $SYL and convert it to Karma Point (KP - In-game Token with 1 KP = 1 $SYL). If you win, you will earn 2 $SYL, otherwise, you will not get any.

👉🏻 Read full guidelines at: gamefi.org/insight/syltare-cup-tournament-guideline

Note: Only guilds who apply at GameFi.org can race for Team rewards at Syltare Cup Event. Or else, you can only play as an individual.

👉🏻 Request to create a guild here: FORM

👉🏻 See the guild list here: gamefi.org/insight/syltare-cup-tournament-guild-list

Let’s race now in SYLTARE Cup Event and win the pool prize of 4,000 BUSD!