Rainmaker Games — a Free P2E Global Platform for Playing, Learning, Earning, and Connecting



Dec 13, 20212 min read

Rainmaker Games — a Free P2E Global Platform for Playing, Learning, Earning, and Connecting

If players want to seamlessly switch among games in one platform, Rainmakers Games will be one of the best solutions thanks to its integrated gaming features. Let’s check out how unique the project is in this article.

Rainmaker Games is a free global platform with hundreds of play-to-earn games, connecting players, games, and guilds worldwide. Players can seamlessly switch among games, manage earnings, and chat within one platform. Powered by a token-based economy, the projects aim to build the most major gaming platform globally.

Rainmaker Games will expand three tiers of gameplay to ensure players’ best gaming experience. Entry-level players are in the first tier and begin with non-NFT based games. The mid-level players start with NFT-based games then move to the higher-level position where they are guild verified. Depending on their tier, players will get ranked and evaluated by the best guilds in the game.

Check out Rainmaker Games trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDHWSn93N54

Highlight features of the game

  • A personalized UI

Gamers can wander in a vast P2E gaming world within one platform. Based on the levels, gamers can access different kinds of games. The UI is customized to their interest, skills, location, and language.

  • Effortless game discovery and training

All information and reviews about the games can be found effortlessly. Gamers can learn about the gameplay, know the complete guidelines, hang out with friends, and immerse themselves in their favorite games.

  • The premiere guild verification tool

Rainmakers Games will be the first verification step for players to get ranked and scored for premiere scouting from top guilds. There are multiple ranking categories to match a player to their suitable guild.

  • $RAIN native tokens

Players have various chances to earn the game’s native token $RAIN once playing on the platform, unlocking entry, and owning a part of Rainmaker Games. Especially, $RAIN can be transferred among games.

  • And many more!

No more waiting longer, Rainmaker Games will land on GameFi launchpad and conduct its IGO for $RAIN on December 16. The detailed information about whitelist registration will be released soon today. Let’s be the first person to be in the whitelisting.

More information about Rainmaker Games? Check out here 👇:

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