Review Game: Epic War (Testnet Ver) – A Promising First Person Shooter Play-to-Earn Game



May 6, 20225 min read

Review Game: Epic War (Testnet Ver) – A Promising First Person Shooter Play-to-Earn Game

Epic War is a Free Play for Money game project that has just been released in the testnet version.

A free-to-play game project deployed at the end of the fourth quarter of 2021 is very impressive in terms of gameplay as well as unique graphics. In this article, I will share my objective experience after a while playing the game Epic War testnet (a desirable game in Metaverse gamefi)

Game Overview - Epic War

Epic War is a team-based shooter game that combines FPS, RPG, strategy, and adventure elements based on blockchain technology. You will become heroes carrying the mission to save the planet Kepler-22B. You can both experience the role-playing of dramatic matches with your teammates and generate in-game income. With meticulously designed heroes and villains, along with eye-catching skills and items, Epic War promises to bring the most vivid experience without spending initial capital.

They also aim to make a groundbreaking 3D real-time strategy battle game with Metaverse multi-devices (PC, mobile, VR) gameplay and multi-chain technology (BSC, Solana, Near, and Polygon).

So, if you want to explore new worlds, live epic battles and even become the creator of your own NFTs, Epic War is for you.

More about information (tokenomic and team):

Gameplay Instruction

PVE (Free-to-Play-to-Earn)

Epic War PVE is a free-to-play mode in which you may explore and conquer the sci-fi globe and monsters with other players. Fight to gain as many coins as possible, then spend them on new weapons and gear.

Team of 3 (Normal level)

  • Team of 5 (Hard level)
  • Team of 6 (SuperHard level)
  • Open-World Gameplay

PVP (Play-to-Earn)

Epic War PVP: Battle Arena is a team battle mode in which players bet their own tokens and fight each other in an arena filled with weapons, shields, and monsters. In the lawless zone, they can lose all their NFT loot if they lose the battle.

  • Team Fights: 3vs3, 5vs5, 8v8
  • Battle Royale: The last man standing
  • Lawless Zone: The winner takes it all

Gameplay of testnet

  1. Before starting the game, we need to inform you about the minimum configuration to play the game

2. Guideline to testnet participation:

Download EPIC WAR Game from the link in the email, then follow the steps below to enjoy the game:

Open the downloaded file, then click on The Epic War Project to activate the game.

Enter your whitelisted email, then click on “Log in”.

Create the character you want and experience the game

You now log in successfully to the home screen.

  • Add-on: Currently, the treasury and shop are still locked since the game is in its testing version. Thus, you cannot buy items and weapons with strong firepower.
  • Equipment:

As you can see, there are different weapons and armor to help you get stronger and stronger in fighting against enemies.

First, we should choose the most suitable commander against the enemy in Epic War.

The different commanders are all equipped with unique weapons and equipment.

  • Bulletin: Displays the information of the commander you have with the clan you have joined.

After choosing, we choose the map to start the game. The game hasn't released a mainnet version yet, so we can now participate in PVE mode.

Select your preferred map then let's play

Similar to other FPS games, the character and skill control keys do not change such as moving, exchanging bullets, picking up, throwing, etc.

Evaluation of testnet experience

Based on my mentioned experiences, I think Epic War gains lots of positive aspects and is worth playing thanks to:

  • Free-to-play game: Epic War brings me a more fascinating feeling among FPS games on the blockchain.
  • Features in development: There are plenty of game features in the update progress. Moreover, character graphics are increasingly upgraded.
  • Vibrant community: Epic War attracts a large number of active and loyal users on various platforms: 80K members within 5 months. I believe that a strong and lively community is one of the most crucial factors in building up a long-term game.

However, there are small weaknesses to improve within its testnet, which are:

  • Need more weapons and equipment.
  • Auto reloading system is inactive and weapon swap effect is not smooth enough

Journey ahead

Epic War was initially built on the BNB chain (BSC). Its features and ecosystem will go through many development processes to be more complete. The PVP Beta phase will be released in the second quarter of 2022 with two main features: Beta PVP and Game deep face application. Well worth the wait!


Through experience on Testnet, Epic War offers a vivid and realistic shooting mechanism. Each weapon brings a great experience and a vast map of various classes of monsters. Although Epic War contains some weaknesses in its Testnet version, it is on the way to developing and regularly upgrading its performance and user experience. The project is well-built and devises a clear roadmap as well as its future enhancements.

What do you think about this project? Invite everyone to discuss more at Discord Server and Telegram Chat.

Upcoming events

On May 12, 2022, Epic War will conduct its IGO for $EWAR tokens on The whitelist registration has been open on If you would like to get an allocation for Epic War tokens, apply here:

Furthermore, we will soon unveil the wonderful things for Epic War gamers on in the next few days.

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Note: This article is not investment advice. Users are supposed to take responsibility for their actions.

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