SpaceCrypto Will Bring You An Out-of-Body Experience In Their Glamorous Spaceships of Metaverse



Dec 14, 20212 min read

SpaceCrypto Will Bring You An Out-of-Body Experience In Their Glamorous Spaceships of Metaverse

The collaboration between GameFi and SpaceCrypto will bring a lot of surprises to our gamers this winter. Turn on the notifications for the upcoming $SPG IGO on our platform!

The project has now been listed on GameFi Aggregator, where you can find in-depth information about game features, play mode, play-to-earn model, and more. Read game details here!

What is SpaceCrypto?

SpaceCrypto is a play-to-earn NFT game whose concept is in the Space Metaverse. In SpaceCrypto, players are space guardians carrying the core mission to fight against the Bosses to protect the metaverse.

Space Crypto Studio aims for a product with fascinating graphics, simple gameplay, with low time-use requirements, and they have accomplished wonderful work with this one. Joining the game, players will get on their spaceships to prepare for the shooting fights. The enemies are machine-controlled Bosses coming in different waves and level up after each battle.

Players earn Goin tokens by defeating the Bosses during gameplay. The more skills and strategies you deliver in the battles, the more rewards you receive.

You can play SpaceCrypto via a web browser. There will be Android and IOS versions available.

Watch SpaceCrypto’s Official Trailer:

Introduction to the Space Metaverse:


  • The spaceship is the basic unit in the game and an NFT property.
  • Players buy spaceships with Scoin tokens.
  • All Spaceships have the same price: 10 $SPG/Spaceship
  • A Spaceship unit has four stats: Rarity, Ammo, Firing Rate, Damage


  • The base will speed up Spaceships’ reloading time.
  • Upgrading your Base will bring more advantages.
  • A Base unit has three stats: Loading Speed, Price, Base Unlock


  • Boss unit is the enemy target that your spaceship squad needs to destroy.
  • Bosses will come in different waves; each next wave is stronger than the previous one. There are unlimited numbers of waves in Space Crypto.
  • A boss unit has three stats: Hit-Point, $SPE, Showtime

Space Crypto Studio will officially launch the game on BSC at the end of 2021. The team is also expecting to introduce more features for their ecosystem in the next several months: Marketplace, Tournament, Treasury, Guild Mode, and especially Land NFT Function. They are indeed building an incredibly promising Metaverse.

SpaceCrypto’s $SPG IGO whitelist registration will take place on December 19, 2021. We are delighted to get the chance to collaborate with Space Crypto Studio for this project. GameFi will soon reveal details about it on our platform. Make sure you do not miss the whitelist schedule and sale event coming after!

For more information about SpaceCrypto, do your research on their channels:

Website | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | Facebook |

Youtube | Tokenomics | Whitepaper

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