The First-Ever Strategic Round Launched on GameFi: Let’s Welcome Froyo Games



Jan 12, 20223 min read

The First-Ever Strategic Round Launched on GameFi: Let’s Welcome Froyo Games

This January, a new project will conduct its Strategic round on the GameFi launchpad. This event will offer our users plenty of benefits. What is unique about Froyo Games?

Froyo Games is built with you in mind. Users may think of them as the Steam and Epic Games for blockchain games. Froyo games is a game publisher that sets its foundations deep in blockchain technology to give gamers unprecedented control over the games they play and their inventories across various experiences on the platform. It has an accessible ecosystem of 500+ developers worldwide and 350+ game titles with over 360 million downloads. It is enabling the inclusion of blockchain technologies with a robust ecosystem to any game developers who want to build on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, granting them access to users base and tools when they launch their games on Froyo Games — a platform built by true game makers.

Besides just publishing games, Froyo Games' core products include Froyo Launchpad, Gamebox, Software Development Kit (SDK), and Froyo Store.

  • Froyo Launchpad gives promising games and projects a much-needed signal boost to a wider audience including our existing robust user base, Froyo token holders, and other avid blockchain gamers who are always looking for new and exciting ways to spend and make use of their tokens within the ecosystem.
  • Froyo Gamebox consists of competitive mini-games where NFTs launched on its NFT Launchpad can be reaped as prizes, building a high level of user engagement and brand awareness akin to a gamified version of Syrup pool on Pancakeswap or Onsen on Sushiswap.
  • Froyo SDK is a welcoming home for game developers from the indie mobile game designer to the AAA game studio who are looking to incorporate this exciting new technology into their games. The project equips developers with the tools they need to embrace this new world
  • Froyo Store will be the one-stop NFT marketplace where all NFT launched by the games published by Froyo Games can be traded here.

Token Utilities

The native token of the Froyo ecosystem is $FROYO, a BEP20 token with innovative utilities. Particularly:

● Staking Rewards — Token holders can stake their in-game NFT assets to earn $FROYO tokens.

● $veFROYO — Token holders can also stake $FROYO tokens for $veFROYO in order to participate in the governance of Froyo Publisher Network and vote on the reward gauges for new gaming tokens that will be featured and used in upcoming games published on the Froyo Games platform. $veFROYO token holders will get to earn upcoming gaming tokens from Froyo Publisher Network.

● Play-To-Earn — Perhaps the most democratized part of the ecosystem, players can stand to earn $FROYO tokens just from playing selected games that use the token for their in-game economy. This allows anyone to be able to participate in the Froyo Games ecosystem with little to no upfront investment in the form of cryptocurrency.

● Play-To-Win — The Froyo Gamebox is a casually fun yet competitive offering featuring simple yet competitive games that $FROYO will be used to purchase tickets to increase the chances of winning a wide range of prizes from physical giveaways to NFTs and other digital assets.

● Froyo Store — The $FROYO token will be the primary medium of transaction in the Froyo Store where tokens both fungible and non-fungible can be purchased. While a variety of payment methods will be supported, special perks such as discounts await those who opt to use the $FROYO token for their transactions.

The Strategic round for $FROYO will take place on January 18, 2022. Let’s stay tuned to our communication channels for more information about whitelist registration and its ultimate benefits.

Find more information about Froyo Games:

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