The First Metaverse Racing Game on BSC, Death Road — The Newest IGO Project of GameFi



Aug 31, 20212 min read

The First Metaverse Racing Game on BSC, Death Road — The Newest IGO Project of GameFi

We are very much ecstatic to announce that GameFi will host another IGO for a play-to-earn project called Death Road.

Deathroad is the first metaverse racing game built on BSC. Deathroad aspires to create a full gaming environment for next-generation racers who want to enjoy the real-world racing experience while also earning marketable digital assets.

Deathroad have several ways to play and earn but first you need to equip yourself with NFT cars and weapons through buying from the open NFT Marketplace or minting new secret NFT boxes on Showroom. Users can also earn through completing Deathroad challenges. After getting equipped with cars and weapons, game players can select from the different maps with different difficulties that are suited for their cars. $DRACE tokens will be given as rewards after defeating the bosses.

Additionally, Deathroad has a feature where you can maximize your earnings. An easy way to do that is by upgrading the cars and weapons and choosing to play on difficult maps to ensure greater rewards. The more rewards you get, the more you earn.

This NFT game will arouse the excitement of game players but mostly to those who are into car racing games.

Deathroad have formed a collaboration with GameFi to experience the unique ecosystem the platform has to offer.

Through this partnership, Deathroad will conduct its first IGO (Initial Game Offering), for its native token, $DRACE on GameFi’s Launchpad. IGO details and information will be announced soon.

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