Time to Reveal the Mysteries in OceanLand: An Upcoming IGO on



May 26, 20222 min read

Time to Reveal the Mysteries in OceanLand: An Upcoming IGO on

A chance to explore and earn in a mysterious land has come to users. Can you be the one who survives and unveils the myths? Let’s join OceanLand now!  

Plenty of helpful information for gamers & investors is included in this link, click visit to learn more about game content, its IGO, and tokenomics. Moreover, the game roadmap and development team are described clearly, showing the potential of OceanLand. ➡️ Explore this game on Game Hub with details at:

Oceanland is a play-to-earn blockchain game including crypto-economics with the gaming world. The game successfully brings DeFi investors and players together. The game is about a hero creating necessary NFTs to produce various resources to survive on an uninhabited mysterious island. With low barriers to play, anyone who would like to make a side income while playing games. Farms in the games allow people to come and invest in order to achieve high yields on their tokens.

All resources and NFTs can be bought by $OLAND - the native token of the game. OLAND token is designed to be accessible to players and investors on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. In the game, there are resource tokens such as OFood, OWood, OMetal, and OWater enabling heroes to survive on the island and increase total earnings. NFTs play an essential part of the game to level up and generate players' income.

$OLAND IGO will be on the way to users on April 11, 2022. Are you curious enough? Follow our official channels for the exact time of whitelisting date and process.

Check our OceanLand’ official communication channels:

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