Upcoming IGO on GameFi.org: Goons of Balatroon - A Free-to-Play and Humorous Card Game



Aug 24, 20222 min read

Upcoming IGO on GameFi.org: Goons of Balatroon - A Free-to-Play and Humorous Card Game

A special card game is coming to GameFi.org communities. What is special about this game? Let's find out the answer in the article below.

Project Overview

Goons of Balatroon is a virtual world where players can own a Goon and use it to engage in strategic battles with a carefully crafted deck of cards. The game is free-to-play with humorous, edgy, and fast-paced characteristics. The game features P2E mechanics and uses both free cards and NFT cards.

👉🏻 Check the game on GameFi.org Game Hub: https://gamefi.org/hub/goons-of-balatroon/

Digital assets such as Goon Characters, Goon Cards, and customization items are an essential and integral part of the game. Although such assets are not a prerequisite to playing the game, players can evolve and grow with the game using the NFT enhancements to increase their engagement and advance their levels.

If players own Goon NFTs, they can unlock full economic access to the game. However, newcomers can either lease a Goon NFT or play the game without any NFTs. For the latter, a play can launch the game and access a pool of default and free non-NFT cards. They can now battle any player and become eligible to claim $GOB for in-game upgrades or new cards.

What Makes the Game Special?

Goons of Balatroon is proud of its unique features. Particularly:

  • The card game does not use mana or energy but creates a unique tile system that limits the amount of board space available to players.
  • Instead of following “ramping up” traditional card games, Goons of Balatroon makes space a premium commodity, which gives the game a 100% unique feel.
  • In general, the game offers players a ton of freedom, and lots of decision-making opportunities very early on in the game. Making the game incredibly strategic, and not a typical cookie cutter game.

Coming up next, Goons of Balatroon will conduct its IGO for $GOB on GameFi Launchpad on August 30, 2022. The details about the whitelist registration time will be revealed on August 25. Stay tuned!

Besides, Goons of Balatroon has marked its trace in the Gamefiversary event on GameFi.org. Check it out now ➡️ https://gamefi.org/happy-gamefiversary

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