Upcoming MetaGods NFT Offer on GameFi.org: Lands Will Be on Sale!



Mar 24, 20223 min read

Upcoming MetaGods NFT Offer on GameFi.org: Lands Will Be on Sale!

For the first time, GameFi.org represents Land sale on its Marketplace. And our partner in this event — MetaGods is reaching a superior level of both active and passive income from lands in-game.

🏝 Lands in MetaGods

The MetaGods team describes their Lands Ownership as a key method to earn, and an important part of MetaGods gameplay. The game ecosystem highly benefits Lands Owners, providing passive revenue streams which makes these Lands so much more fertile compared to other lands on the NFT market at the moment.

A Land is a (1x1) grid that is a part of a Dungeon (10x10) in the MetaGods world. The main gameplay of MetaGods takes place in the Dungeons across the realm, each governed by a God Boss, and filled with deadly monsters and legendary loots.

Owning Lands means you own portions of MetaGods. You become a part of the game. Whenever players die in your Dungeon, their loot is dropped and rewarded to Lands Owners. Rewards are distributed among multiple Lands Owners within a Dungeon via a raffle, based on the percentage of Lands they own.

For example, if you own 10 Lands in a Dungeon, you have a 10% chance of acquiring the dropped loot. Also, no penalty when your God Boss is slain because it is technically not a playable character affected by NFT permadeath.

🏝 Your control over the Lands and earning

MetaGods revolutionizes the narrative of gaming: players have “control” over the God Boss and monsters within the Dungeon, battling against players.

So besides the passive income from loot, you can actively earn by:

1. Construct buildings: Keep up Lands price, improve earnings.

  • Economic Buildings — Increase resource production to facilitate more trading of $RELIC token
  • Military Buildings — Provide powerful buffs and NFT utilities

2. Build Guilds: Upgrading power, getting privilege in PvP tournaments and special Dungeon raids

3. Design Dungeons: Choose and vote the difficulty level of the Dungeon that you think might benefit you the most. For example

🏝 MetaGods Land sale on GameFi.org

There are 35 Dungeons in MetaGods’ gameplay, and in this round GameFi presents to you selected Lands belonging to 4 God Boss Dungeons: Shadow Medusa, Bloodlust Persephone, Glacie Ares, Dark Aphrodite.

The Lands will be listed on GameFi.org Marketplace on March 28, 2022.

Total: 50 Lands

Price: 5 BNB/Land

Details as below:

Stay tuned on GameFi.org for the official link to purchase on March 28, 2022. We’ll update really soon: https://hub.gamefi.org/#/mystery-boxes

Figure out more about the Lands and their earning models from the MetaGods team themselves, click to read:

Introducing MetaGods Land Sale: Own the Land, Keep the Loot!

Early Believers Are Settling On MetaGods Lands

Full map: https://app.metagods.gg/bossmap

About MetaGods

MetaGods is an 8-bit, play-to-earn action RPG where players fight against the gods on the path to ascension. Each character NFT is created by the union of mortals, demigods, and titans. They will team up with each other and fight epic bosses, while slowly becoming true gods themselves.

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