Welcome to Vulcano's Metaverse - an NFT Fighting Game Between Light and Darkness



Mar 23, 20222 min read

Welcome to Vulcano's Metaverse - an NFT Fighting Game Between Light and Darkness

We are thrilled to reveal a partnership with Vulcano to host the IGO for $VULC at the end of this month. Users can access GameFi.org Aggregator to have a more thorough look with attractive videos and images here: https://gamefi.org/game/vulcano

Project Overview

Vulcano is expected to be a video game with a Sci-Fi aesthetic, in which players can immerse in three-character 3D battles. Players have to summon their characters and equip them with a weapon to take part in three rounds. Once their characters are well-prepared, enemy NFTs will reveal and combat against players. Those who win two out of these three duels will win the match.

There are three kinds of NFTs: characters, weapons, and lands. Each one owns unique skills determining its rarity: common, rare, legendary, and mythic. These NFTs are collectible and represented in card format. In the next quarters, spaceship NFTs with a specific utility will be unveiled.

Play-to-Earn Model

  • There will be two ways to earn $VULC — a native token within the Vulcano game. Firstly, it will be rewarded to excellent players who combat other players and win the battleground. Moreover, there will be a staking policy and NFT training, both of which will provide rewards in $VULC.
  • The second type of earning method is experience points. These points are used to unlock new levels, receive prices, and obtain exclusive entry to tournaments.
  • Furthermore, the game will create participation rewards for players who access the game frequently.

On March 30, 2022, Vulcano $VULC IGO and Community pool will be conducted on GameFi.org launchpad. $VULC whitelist registration will be open shortly. Let’s keep updated on our communication channels.

More information about Vulcano:

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