What Is Binance Fan Token?



Nov 17, 20222 min read

What Is Binance Fan Token?

A utility token called Binance Fan Token was released by the Binance exchange on the BNB Chain. Fans from all over the world can easily connect with their favorite clubs thanks to these tokens, which are linked to clubs, sports teams, or celebrities in the sports world.

Owners of the Binance Fan Token enjoy benefits like first dibs on tickets and the ability to vote on the match outfit and slogan for their preferred team. Fans will eventually be able to gather NFTs from Fan Tokens and learn about other extra features.

Benefits of holding Binance Fan Token
Fans may have meaningful interactions with their favorite team using Binance Fan Token. Holders of Binance Fan Tokens might get benefits or incentives. Different Fan Token varieties will provide various advantages. Owners often enjoy the following advantages:

1️⃣ Voting rights
Binance Fan Token holders have the right to vote on club decisions, such as the design of the match and the message displayed on the screen, via the governance mechanism. the stadium, the type of souvenirs provided by the team, the player of the month, the charity events and matches that will be held, the venue....

2️⃣ NFT and Mystery Box
Users can buy and sell rare NFTs and Mystery Boxes containing rare collectibles from their favorite teams and brands on the Binance NFT marketplace.

Holders can also use Binance Fan Tokens or top up supported NFTs during NFT PowerStation events to receive additional Binance Fan Token rewards and increased fan community benefits.

Mystery Box of FC Porto

3️⃣ Fanshop
Through the Fanshop, users can swap Binance Fan Tokens for genuine awards, bonuses, and collectibles from their favorite teams. These prizes might be NFT tickets to the party or game tickets. Currently, only two clubs allow reward redemption: BWT Alpine F1 Team and SS Lazio.

Fanshop of FC S.S. Lazio

Furthermore, the Fan Badge unlocking feature, which allows the display of fan badges as well as the attention of the followed club, will be available soon.

Binance Fan Token is a platform created in collaboration with Binance and top sports teams to expand the fan experience around the world, bring people closer to the world of cryptocurrency, and elevate the world.


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