Whitelist Registration for Legend of Fantasy War’s NFT Mystery Box Sale on GameFi.org is Ready!



Dec 2, 20212 min read

Whitelist Registration for Legend of Fantasy War’s NFT Mystery Box Sale on GameFi.org is Ready!

Legend of Fantasy War (LFW) is a 3D turn-based role-playing online blockchain game in which players will encounter painstakingly constructed heroes and villains, as well as eye-catching talents and equipment. The game is being developed as a whole world, complete with its economic structure. Users may make incredible earnings via token incentives by completing the main objectives, numerous side quests, and activities. Legend of Fantasy War NFT owners may also sell, swap, and transparently auction their NFTs on the Legend of Fantasy War NFT marketplace.

More information about Legend of Fantasy War can be found via links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram announcement | Telegram group | Discord

Legend Fantasy Wars’ Exclusive NFT Mystery Box Sale

The NFTS sale of Legend of Fantasy War’s unique heroes will take place on December 6, 2021, and will only be offered on GameFi.



  • Whitelist opening: 02:00 p.m UTC, December 2
  • Whitelist closing: 06:00 a.m UTC, December 6
  • Start sale: 02:00 p.m UTC, December 6
  • Buying time for whitelisters: 02:00 p.m UTC — 02:30 p.m UTC, December 6
  • Buying time for non-whitelisters: From 02:30 p.m UTC, December 6


There are two pools for users to join:

How to join the Legend of Fantasy War’s INO event on GameFi?

Step 1: Apply to whitelist

  • Visit https://hub.gamefi.org/#/mystery-boxes and Connect wallet.
  • Choose the pool you will join: Private Pool for GameFi Rookie and above) and/or Community Pool (for everyone)
  • For Community pool, you have to complete Gleam tasks HERE
  • Press “Apply Whitelist” and wait for the successful notification message.
  • Order the number of boxes you would like to buy and press “Confirm.”


  • After closing the whitelist, Legend whitelisters can pre-order LFW NFT mystery boxes. Other ranks will buy in the form of FCFS when the sale starts.
  • The whitelist registration is prioritized to buy NFT boxes when the sale is open.
  • No rank, KYC is required to join in LFW’s mystery box sale event.

Step 2: Join INO and buy NFTs box on time.

  • Connect wallet on GameFi (if you didn’t apply to the Whitelist before)
  • Select the number of NFT boxes you want to possess by clicking on the Amount tab
  • Purchase mystery boxes in the GameFi Market before they are sold out
  • Check your quantity of purchased boxes in your collection

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