$300,000 $CRH IDO by Crypto Hunters: Innovative Reality Game of Web3!



Feb 15, 20242 min read

$300,000 $CRH IDO by Crypto Hunters: Innovative Reality Game of Web3!

APPLY $FPS WHITELIST AT: gamefi.org/ido/crypto-hunters

Crypto Hunters is a captivating free-to-play game that blends Augmented Reality (AR) tech and NFTs. Players will use their mobile phones cameras to search for Digital Treasures in the real world.

To start playing with cash prizes, users purchase a ticket using the $CRH token, which can also be used to purchase additional benefits over other players.

In addition, free play sessions are available for everyone without any payments - User can increase their power with NFT during these sessions.

  • App is available on App Store & Google Play & MagicStores
  • Supported by Narsun Studio: created 89+ VR games & made AR, VRR products for Coca-cola, NBA, XGames, NHL, etc.
  • They have a $1M Prize pool for players join Crypto Hunters TV Show: crypto-hunters.tv. The show is powered by EMP: 4-time Oscar-winning team!

GameFi.org is pumped to jump on board for the $CRH IDO worth $300,000 on our launchpad on Feb 22, 2024!

Remarkable points:

Game modes:

Crypto Hunters' official website homapage.


APPLY $CRH IDO: gamefi.org/ido/crypto-hunters

  • Whitelist: Feb 15 - Feb 21, 2024
  • Price: $0.028 per $CRH
  • Refund: 03 days to request
  • IDO date: Feb 22 | TGE date: TBA
  • Vesting: 20% at TGE, 1 month cliff, 6-months linear vesting
  • IMC: $333,000


1️⃣ Access & Connect Wallet on GameFi.org Launchpad: gamefi.org/ido

2️⃣ Stake $GAFI at gamefi.org/staking to get Rookie rank at least.

To join the sale, users need to stake $GAFI to reach one of these ranks on GameFi.org: Rookie, Elite, Pro, Legend.

How to stake? Explore: How to Stake/Unstake $GAFI on GameFi.org?

3️⃣ KYC and wait for Verification (24h-48h)

4️⃣ Apply Whitelist

Click [APPLY WHITELIST]. Fulfill the information of Twitter & Telegram usernames. Then click [APPLY WHITELIST] again.

Note: The requirements to join the whitelist are different for each pool and are decided by the project team.

5️⃣ Swap Tokens

After checking the Allocation and wallet balance, users could input the amount they want. Then click [APPROVE].

6️⃣ Claim Tokens

Choose [CLAIM] tab right next to [SWAP]. Click [CLAIM ON GAMEFI.ORG] to claim your tokens (This button will turn green when it reaches the tokens’ exact claim time).

Note: Depending on each sale, users may claim tokens on GameFi.org or on an external website or receive an airdrop to a sub-wallet.

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