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Staking is an action of holding cryptocurrencies for a certain period of time to receive rewards. In, $GAFI is the token, and we will show every step of how to stake / unstake $GAFI in this tutorial. Staking $GAFI is an essential requirement to join Initial Game Offering (IGO) and NFT sale on Do not worry, the explanation is simple enough for even a very beginning user!

First, access and connect your wallet (if you haven’t) by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button. Then choose the type of network and related wallet to continue.

In the left sidebar, choose “Staking” with a coin stacks icon.

In “Staking”, you can check your ranking status.

Have no idea about the ranking system on Find it out HERE

Other things that are also displayed on the screen are:

  • Your current staking $GAFI amount
  • Amount of $GAFI you will need to claim to the next level
  • The total amount of $GAFI of all users.


You are in the STAKE tab initially, just scroll down and see that there are a total of 5 steps that are shown clearly and easy to follow.

  • Pre-Stake:

When you have $GAFI to stake and Binance Coin (BNB) for the gas fee, just follow these steps in the screenshot below. When it showed all 4 green ticks, click to confirm you have read and understood the terms and conditions for staking on

  • Enter amount: Determined the amount of GAFI to stake, then “Next”
  • Approve: This action is for granting access to staking smart contract to accept your amount of $GAFI
  • Confirmation: Review and confirm to stake your $GAFI
  • Completed: The staking process is done on the ‘Confirmation’ step. Now you can check your transaction hash.


  • Navigate to the UNSTAKE tab and make sure you understand the policies and agree before going to the next step.

For full policies of Unstaking on, click HERE

  • The rest is quite similar to the Staking process. Enter the amount of $GAFI you would like to unstake.
  • Then Confirm to finish unstake. After successful, in the “Completed” screen, you can see the PENDING WITHDRAWAL section.
  • If you unstake when having the available $GAFI or pending $GAFI to withdraw, the delay time of total tokens will be extended.

Before withdrawing time, you can change the amount of $GAFI that will be unstaked by clicking the “RESTAKE” button.

After withdrawing time, the button “WITHDRAW” will be enabled by turning it into a clickable green button. Therefore you can click it to withdraw the $GAFI that you have unstaked.

Next to the STAKE & UNSTAKE tabs is a tab named LEGENDARY RANKING, where the top 12 users - Legend rank - with the highest amount of $GAFI staking.

That’s how you Stake & Unstake $GAFI on After stake $GAFI, users could participate in the Initial Game Offering (IGO) of many potential and fascinating projects. Learn how to join IGO on HERE

Lastly, just ping us as information in our official channels below, for any of your concerns. Thank you for your time reading!

Note: This article is not investment advice. Users are supposed to take responsibility for their actions.

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