Becoming Ambassador: GUIDELINES & BENEFITS



Feb 7, 20233 min read

Becoming Ambassador: GUIDELINES & BENEFITS

Welcome to Ambassador Campaign!

On the mission to embrace the great adoption of Web3, we launch the Ambassador Campaign seeking for people leading the virality of ahead of Web3 adoption.

Learn more: Ambassador: Mission to Recruit Powerful Community Developers

Being Ambassador means that you will become a part of’s Team and play a key role in accelerating and adopting true fans for web3 gaming projects. Along with that, you can take huge opportunities to feature your name or your brand on and receive privileged benefits coming along while working with us.

Show us your ambition and grab the chance to become one of the leading Web3 community trend-setter now!

1️⃣ How to Apply?

Step 1: Apply to be Ambassador HERE.

Step 2: When your application is approved, you will be added to a Telegram group of our Ambassadors for probation.

Step 3: You begin your assigned trial work.

Step 4: Participants who excel at assigned tasks will be eligible to be our official Ambassador and take the lead to work with top-tier projects.

We welcome all passionate and curious enthusiasts to appear as our mission-driven Ambassadors!

2️⃣ Benefits rewards you with FREE token allocation for each project based on their performance: Task completion & Number of referrals recorded.

Note that projects on are selected ones that meet our standard for quality, durations and potentials via due diligence process.

You can expect a significant value increase from the token allocations you receive.

Table 1. The calculation of free token allocation

  • For each tier, the number of allocation for referring Casual Fan and Engaged Fan vary and increase with higher tiers. Please refer to the value in the table above.
  • Formula: Total free token allocation = (x-y)*t(x) + y*t(y) while:
  • x is the number of Casual Fan
  • y is the number of Engaged Fan
  • t(x) is the value of each Casual Fan
  • t(y) is the value of each Engaged Fa
  • For example:
  • If you refer 9 Casual Fans and 2 Engaged Fans, you will receive:

(9-2)*$0.125 + 2*$0.375 = $2

For Ambassadors with top performance, there are add-ons benefits as below:

  1. Credentials
  2. Special gift from GameFi.orgTeam
  3. Logo on Site as Community Partner
  4. Becoming Community Representative of in chosen activities
  5. Earning whitelisted IGO slots/private allocation for potential upcoming projects on Launchpad (for official ambassadors)
  6. Open the doors to collaborate with project partners (for official ambassadors)

3️⃣ Tasks

Step 1: Get referral code for GameFi Party/Game Hub/IFO activities.

Each project will have different referral link code for tracking. A new user can be counted as 1 referral per project.

Step 2: Share referral code, spread news to attract more users.

Step 3: Manage and support members in your community to play & earn rewards in’s activities

Step 4: Provide community feedback.

After 01 month of probation, we will consider being the official Ambassador for more privileges such as stipend, IGO allocation, and brand development.

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