GameFi Launchpad Series - Part 2: The Procedure of Project Onboarding



Jul 9, 20223 min read

GameFi Launchpad Series - Part 2: The Procedure of Project Onboarding

The procedure of project onboarding on the GameFi Launchpad has been upgraded throughout the different phases of If you are a game or metaverse project looking for an IGO or INO launch on GameFi Launchpad, here is what you need to know about the process.


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For all projects willing to explore and apply for the services that GameFi Launchpad provides, we recommend you contact the team via email address: [email protected].

Kick-off introduction:

After contacting, both sides will have a brief introduction session through chatting, email, or meeting/e-meeting. This stage helps the teams to have a basic understanding of each other and discover the future orientations of both.  

Initial Selection:

The team will have the preliminary selection based on the presentation and information from the kick-off introduction.  

  • With projects that GameFi Launchpad considers not yet ready, we send feedback and keep the discussion on more potential collaborations with other features and services of the ecosystem.
  • With projects that pass the initial evaluation stage, we provide an application form to collect more information about their product and overall go-to-public plan.



Depending on the demand of the projects, GameFi Launchpad provides them with the application form for IGO or/and INO launches. As we will use the application information for due diligence and presentation to the community, we expect the projects to provide accurate and legit content about their work.

GameFi Launchpad uses the project’s information from the application form for two purposes:

  • Project due diligence: GameFi Launchpad evaluates the projects’ proposals by verifying and analyzing the applications.
  • IGO & INO onboarding: Once a project is to be confirmed with an IGO or INO launch, GameFi Launchpad will create its own profile in the ecosystem.  

Project Due Diligence:

To verify the project team's legitimacy, innovation of the product, and capacity to accomplish their vision, GameFi Launchpad operates a due diligence department (DD department) to process the applications. The DD department of GameFi Launchpad builds its own criteria for project selection with advice from the leaders and advisors of In the future plan, the team will also consider opinions of the 12 Legends on GameFi Launchpad Ranking System and’s long-term partnered KOLs on this matter.

Based on the information and data collected, DD department conducts internal discussions and negotiation meetings with the project teams to select the most suitable proposals for the IGO or INO launch.

Agreement Signing:

After the finalization of the deal, will provide the Agreement for both teams' duly authorized signatories to sign up.

The Agreement presents all the terms and conditions that both teams approved during the due diligence stage. One Agreement is executed in English in two original counterparts; each side receives one copy to act accordingly.



Once the Agreement is signed, GameFi Launchpad processes to conduct the service and preparation for the IGO or INO campaign, co-working with the projects to keep each team updated, and dealing with unexpected issues arising during the launch.


GameFi Launchpad keeps up with the projects' updates on their tokens and NFTs vesting/claiming schedule to inform its platform users. The team will also be up-to-date with the projects' development process and provide social media support for major product updates, spreading the news to the entire ecosystem.

🎮 Above is a summary of the procedure of project onboarding on GameFi Launchpad. As team sets the mission to bring selectively qualified projects to the ecosystem, we are determined to build and maintain an effective process for onboarding campaigns on GameFi Launchpad.  

Curious about the criteria of project due diligence on GameFi Launchpad? Details are to be published in Part 3 of GameFi Launchpad Series. Keep up with us on our official channels!

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