Launches Its Game Hub, A Steam-like Platform to Bring Together All Blockchain Games and Gamified Projects in The Market



Jun 21, 20224 min read Launches Its Game Hub, A Steam-like Platform to Bring Together All Blockchain Games and Gamified Projects in The Market

Since's launch in September 2021, its Game Hub has been a destination where users can learn about blockchain games available on the market. By advancing UI design and functionality, Game Hub will provide additional value to both players and game developers on June 22, 2022.

➡️ Visit the official Game Hub at:

A COMPLETE SOURCE OF INFORMATION AND EVERYONE'S FAVORITE DESTINATION is a one-stop discovery hub for games and metaverses. As a crucial part of the ecosystem, Game Hub provides all experienced players and newbie users with quality and curated content about current games and gamified projects applying blockchain technology.

Because of the gaming market's rapid growth, which has resulted in a rising number of games and gamified projects, the current situation in the blockchain gaming sector is challenging for newcomers. In that case, the Game Hub is still on its way to convincing players and game investors that it is the ideal destination to learn about blockchain gaming.

Before making decisions, visitors to the Game Hub may undertake market research and then swiftly find and analyze game insights. Every game has a detailed page for players to review, discuss, and rate. Therefore, visitors will get an unbiased approach to the listed games and metaverses on

With a significant upgrade in UI/UX design and mobile optimization, the Game Hub will bring an excellent appearance and a seamless experience on any device for every user to enjoy.


By posting games and their information on the Game Hub, game developers will have the opportunity to increase the brand exposure and popularity of their games among more than one million members across all platforms.

In addition,'s Partner Success team will help projects execute marketing and communication plans to the gaming community, from activities as simple as sharing, commenting, and rating to the execution of large-scale campaigns like airdrops, game demos, and events.

The Game Hub also serves as a portal for game creators to listen to and gather community feedback. Through Game Hub, they can also learn about the current situation of the game market to get a broader perspective of the industry, stay abreast of the most recent developments in game creation, and access resources to shape their game development strategy.

Game Hub is anticipated to become a new game publishing channel for game developers in the future, providing them with more opportunities to distribute their games to the general public.

The Interface of Game Hub

To welcome the release of Game Hub, opened an event named 'League of GameFi' with valuable rewards for game developers and communities. Click HERE for the event and rewards details.


Game players and investors can get a better picture of the blockchain gaming business as a whole with more details.

  • Most popular: The Most Popular game is a game that has the most unique wallets interacting with its smart contracts.
  • New releases: New Release game is a game that has recently released a new version, including Alpha, Open Beta, Closed Beta, and Official versions.
  • Most viewed: The Most Viewed game is a game that has the most visitors on
  • Token ROI: Token ROI is the approximate current return on investment (ROI) of a token. Token ROI = Current Price/Public Price
  • Trending: Trending game is a game that has had the most interactions within the last 7 days on Interactions include views, likes, reviews, and comments.
  • Top review: Top Review is a game that has the most reviews and interactions in its reviews.

Visitors may still filter and search for games by their IGO Status, Game Version Release Status, or Game Category. In addition, upon entering a specific game page, there are different types of information to discover, including:

  • Project’s token ranking from Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and Cryptorank. The Ranking (GFR) will be introduced in upcoming phases.
  • Token summary, where the data is collected from many reputable sources in the market.
  • Guilds Supported: Where the community is, Number of members, Number of Scholarship.
  • Twitter Feed: The latest news from the developers on their project’s official Twitter channel.

The Game Hub is a one-stop destination where visitors may discover games and gamified projects applying blockchain technology to play, invest in, or learn about them. In the upcoming months, the team will continue to solicit users' feedback to enhance the Game Hub and list more game projects aiming to cover the whole blockchain gaming industry.

Access's Game Hub to experience its ease, begin browsing to get an overview of the NFT gaming environment, and choose your preferred games. More exciting features will be released soon. Stay tuned!

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