Guideline To Win $10,000 of Sunshine Era, Mission Arise



Jun 2, 2023•3 min read

Guideline To Win $10,000 of Sunshine Era, Mission Arise

Sunshine Era, Mission Arise - the harmonious melody of entertainment and fortune from to the community, an event cooling down summer heat of the June market

👉 Join Event:

Event Info: Sunshine Era - Mission Arise (SEMA)

🌞 Venue: DMission - Engage-to-Earn platform

🌞 Host: & TaskFi

🌞 Time: June 01 - June 22, 2023

Event Rewards: ✨$10,000✨ in stablecoin

Event Partners:

Welcome our homies: TaskFi, DMission, Wicked Moai, Engines of Fury, Paysenger, Corner of Space.

Event Guideline for Users:

1️⃣ Sign in/Login your DMission account

Join event:

Click [LOGIN] on the upper right side of your screen.

Choose to sign in/login with your Wallet, Email, or Google account.

2️⃣ Sync account with your Twitter, Telegram & Discord account

3️⃣ Complete tasks in event pools

  1. Click the pool(s) you wanna join
  2. Click [START] to complete tasks (Re-sync account if needed)
  3. Click the 🔃 button to recheck mission completion (A MUST!)

4️⃣ How to create a Team in DMission

Option 1: Access an Event, find Teams section, click [Join] button
Option 2: Access your profile, enter a Team name, click [Create Team] button

Regardless of the option, you are ready to experience our Team Mode feature.

If you want to have more friends in Team: Click your profile to see your Team ➡️ Copy “Invite Link” ➡️ Send it to your friends.

The infographic below is pretty straightforward, check it out now!

5️⃣ Refer Friends to the event for a better win rate

Copy the referral link & Send it to your friends to invite them to join the mission!



You can join SEMA, solve quizzes & complete tasks to ascend the leaderboard ranking as an individual while being a Clan member.
➡️ Chance to double the rewards! 💰

Joining a Clan WILL NOT affect your Individual Points & rank under any circumstances.

This rule remains the same whether you join SEMA via the official event link or you join SEMA via someone else's referral link.


No need to consider much. Follow the guideline above. Complete all social tasks to collect as many Points as possible.


You are automatically the leader of your clan once you connect your wallet to

You will receive your referral link, which will not change under any circumstances; Users joining via your link will be counted as clan members.

Clan members' Points will be counted in the overall Points of the Clan they joined.

After announces the winners, rewards will be sent to the leader of the clans that win. Reward distribution among the clan members will be decided by the clan leader.

More information? Explore:

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  2. Event Guideline: Guideline To Win $10,000 Mission of Sunshine Era, Mission Arise

Maybe Sunshine Era, Mission Arise is a profound premise, hence, we can witness some bullish growth, who knows?

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