IFO SERIES | Part 3: How Do $GAFI Holders Benefit From IFO?



Jan 18, 20231 min read

IFO SERIES | Part 3: How Do $GAFI Holders Benefit From IFO?

Simple work, big benefit, available for all current $GAFI holders.

🍏 $GAFI Pool on IFO

You may or may not know, participated in IFO as a Staking Pool.

Visit $GAFI pool here:

IFO Point =  Task Point (by doing tasks) + Loyalty Point (by staking $GAFI)

So, if you are a $GAFI holder, you already got a chance of getting higher IFO Point compared to non-holders ➡️ Therefor, receive more free allocation via IFO projects.

This point will be used for the leaderboard ranking and rewards of projects' available token reward pools on IFO.

🍏 How $GAFI Holders Gain Benefit From IFO?

No risk involved

Users do not have to make any payment since they will have tokens/rewards from projects in the IFO.

Free allocation

Rewards are worthwhile tokens from potential blockchain projects that may give users good profits and even huge returns once the tokens are listed on exchanges.

Easy participation

By staking $GAFI in the IFO pool and completing default tasks, users can take part in the IFO without any difficulty.

1️⃣ Connect your wallet on IFO

2️⃣ Stake your $GAFI on IFO

3️⃣ Complete tasks on projects' pools on IFO

4️⃣ Kindly wait and claim rewards when projects' pool are finished

Explore IFO on

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IFO SERIES | Part 3: How Do $GAFI Holders Benefit From IFO?

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