Converting $FLX, $xFLX, and Pre-sale Advantages on



Nov 23, 2023•4 min read

Converting $FLX, $xFLX, and Pre-sale Advantages on

1️⃣ $FLX pre-sale on What advantages to expect?

As known, will be hosting the $FLX pre-sale on November 24, 2023.

$FLX pre-sale is the token offering prior to its public sale. Buyers of pre-sale can buy tokens at an early & lower price compared to the price at its public sale.

1. $FLX pre-sale on

  • Price: $0.35 / token
  • Date: Nov 24, 2023

2. $FLX public sale on FlowX Finance (fair launch auction):

  • Price: $0.5 - $1 / token
  • Date: Nov 28, 2023

In a nice scenario, a successful auction will take the price up to $1. Imagine benefit as an early bird at pre-sale? 😉


Pre-sale has 02 phases: Guaranteed (whitelisters) & FCFS.

Refund: You have 03 days to request refund.

Claiming: Claim your tokens on

Vesting: You receive 35% in $FLX and 65% in $xFLX at TGE:

  ▪️ $FLX can be traded immediately at TGE on
  ▪️ $xFLX can be converted into $FLX on
  ▪️ Vesting details fyi:

So, how do we calculate this xFLX ➡️ FLX conversion ratio❓

2️⃣ FLX, xFLX, and their conversion mechanism

FlowX Finance learned from high-performance protocols, adapted, and then created the FLX & xFLX system.

FLX, as a pass to access utilities for FlowX Finance holders, provides simplicity & convenience for holders. However, this also brings liquidity risks to the token because there are no constraints or separate rights for long-term investors compared to short-term speculators.

Therefore, to address this concern, FlowX separated the FlowX Finance token system into 2 tokens: FLX and xFLX.

  • FLX is used for liquidity & speculation purposes;
  • xFLX is used to access utilities such as Boost Yield, Dividend, Governance, etc for long-term supporters.

Conversion Mechanism:

You can convert FLX - xFLX back and forth through the Convert Room of FlowX Finance.

FLX ➡️ xFLX: You can always convert FLX to xFLX at a ratio of 1:1.

xFLX ➡️ FLX: You can choose a conversion time & ratio❗️

📍 Formula:

(t = day)

📍 Example: You have 1000 xFLX and you want to convert from xFLX to FLX. The conversion time & ratio will be calculated as in table below:

Example of how xFLX -> FLX conversion mechanism works.

The longer the conversion time is, the greater the amount of FLX you receive.

The rest of xFLX remain (when choosing conversion time < 90 days) will be burned.

👌 Also: You might understand the relationship between FLX, xFLX and bonding curves when they are the prominent use cases of bonding curves.

FLX: FLX serves as the reserve currency for the bonding curve. Users can trade FLX, stake it for rewards, or participate in governance.

xFLX: xFLX is created by depositing FLX into the bonding curve's smart contract. The bonding curve mathematically determines how many xFLX tokens a user receives based on the current price set by the curve. This ensures that the price of xFLX remains connected to the FLX reserve.

Bonding Curve Interplay: The bonding curve for xFLX provides an automated mechanism for converting FLX into xFLX and vice versa. As users deposit FLX into the curve, they receive xFLX at the current price, and when they redeem xFLX, they receive FLX according to the curve's price. This process connects the two tokens and ensures that xFLX's value is anchored to FLX.

👌 In addition: Using alignment curves for FLX, xFLX will bring many benefits not only to the FLX team but also to all users, traders, investors.

Price Stability: The bonding curve mechanism helps stabilize the price of xFLX in relation to FLX, reducing extreme price volatility.

Liquidity Provision: Users can provide liquidity by depositing FLX into the bonding curve, earning xFLX tokens as rewards. This incentivizes liquidity provision and participation in the ecosystem.

Governance: FLX holders may have governance rights within the ecosystem, allowing them to participate in decision-making processes.

Speculation & Leverage: Traders can speculate on price movements or leverage their FLX holdings by converting them into xFLX, potentially amplifying returns.

Conclusion: As decentralized finance continues its rapid evolution, bonding curves stand at the forefront, enabling innovative token ecosystems like FLX and xFLX. These mathematical constructs offer new opportunities for investors, developers, and DeFi enthusiasts, allowing them to explore a world of price stability, liquidity provision, and versatile financial strategies.


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