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Recording concerns of users, team will provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions about Catventure in the Multiverse.


1️⃣ How to join Catventure in the Multiverse?

Step 1: Go to Catventure website:

Step 2: Choose a game from Catventure's Multiverse Map, click [JOIN NOW]

Step 3: Create a GameFi Pass account

Step 4: Enter the referral link if you want to play as a team member (optional)

Step 5: Scroll down, click [GET GAFISH] to start earning Gafish

Step 6: Complete missions to earn Gafish

Step 7: Use Gafish to buy Lucky Spin tickets, or keep and collect Gafish to be the top winners of Catventure's Leaderboard.

Detailed guideline:

2️⃣ What is Gafish?

Gafish is the point earned in the Catventure by completing missions in Game World, Market World, and GameFi World.

3️⃣ Why do I need to collect Gafish?

You can use Gafish to exchange for Lucky Spin tickets, or to reach the top of our Catventure's Leaderboard and gain rewards from the 50,000+ BUSD prize pool.

Check out Catventure's Leaderboard:

4️⃣ How to get Gafish?

You can get Gafish from both options:

Option 1: Complete tasks from Game World, Market World, and GameFi World in the Catventure's Multiverse Map

Option 2: Stake $GAFI to get Gafish

5️⃣ How to play Lucky Spin?

Collect tickets and access the Lucky Spin in September 1, 2022 to use them. The reward can be $GAFI or Spin tickets. Good luck!

6️⃣ How to get ticket for lucky spin?

Buy ticket by exchange Gafish. Rate: 1 ticket = 2,000 Gafish

Buy ticket with $GAFI. Rate: 1 ticket = 0.1 $GAFI

Stake $GAFI to get ticket: 1 ticket = 20 $GAFI staked

Detailed information:

7️⃣ Can I join Catventure on my mobile?

Yes, you can. Follow our instruction when connecting your wallet with Metamask on your mobile phone:


1️⃣ Can I play as an individual?

Yes, you can!

Choose a team here:

Copy and paste the referral link into the referral link box, then click [JOIN A TEAM]:

3️⃣ Can I change teams after joining a team?

No, you can't. You are only allowed to join only one team in this event.


1️⃣ Why didn't I get any verification email?

Please check out if you have clicked [Verify my email]:

Check your Promotions and Spam mailbox as well.

Our verification email will look like this:

2️⃣ Why can't I sync my Telegram account?

A Telegram account can only be synced once with 01 wallet address and 01 email. In case you change your wallet address, you will need to sync it with a different email, Telegram account, and Twitter account.

3️⃣ Why can't I sync my Twitter account?

A Twitter account can only be synced once with 01 wallet address and 01 email. In case you change your wallet address, you will need to sync it with a different email, Telegram account, and Twitter account.

4️⃣ How to create Metamask wallet?

On PC:
1. Download Metamask extension here
2. Import your wallet or create one. Remember to note down your seed phrase.

Detailed tutorials:

On mobile:
1. Download Metamask app from App Store or CH Play.
2. Import wallet or create one. Note down your secret backup phrase.

Detailed tutorials:


1️⃣ Why can't I get Gafish after completing a task?

Before starting a mission, you need to click [GET GAFISH]. Otherwise, the system cannot recording your mission completion.

Check if you are using the registered Twitter/Telegram/Email/Wallet via GameFi Pass to complete the missions.

Recheck to update the Gafish earned. Click [Recheck] or refresh the page.

In case you have already played the games before clicking [GET GAFISH], click [GET GAFISH] again and your Gafish will be updated in a few hours.

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