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To join Initial Game Offering (IGO) on, users are required to fulfill some information on the KYC (Know Your Customer). When staking is successful, users need to verify their information by the KYC process before applying for whitelist. These steps bring security benefits to users’ digital assets. In this article, we would like to give you the complete guideline for KYC process on and some helpful tips to make this simple process become even easier.

How to KYC on

Click on the IGO on the left sidebar and choose an upcoming project which you would like to join.

After connecting the wallet and staking on, users need to do KYC by inputting their personal information.

If you are confused with the processes of these prior steps, please refer to our instructions in below links:

When the button ‘VERIFY NOW’ on ‘KYC Status’ turns green, just click to begin.

In the first step in KYC, you will be navigated to Icetea Labs KYC on Blockpass. Just choose 1 of the 3 required identity documents and pick the most convenient one for you.

Ready? Click on the blue button ‘VERIFY BY BLOCKPASS’. A new pop-up will appear and request you to input your email address.

After confirming your email address, you will get a notice of ‘Magic link sent’ which is simply a link to take you to the next step. Just open your personal registered email and click ‘CONTINUE REGISTRATION’, or copy the whole link and paste it into the browser. Then choose the type of your identification document.

In case you are processing the KYC on the PC without a camera, you will get a notification like this:

Just click on ‘EMAIL ME A LINK’ then open your mailbox, and continue with a device which has a camera (laptop, phone, tablet), take the required photos and submit. After getting your registration, our team will check and feedback quickly.

That’s all! You just finished verifying your personal information on

6 tips to make a quick and successful KYC

A number of KYC registration could not be completed due to several reasons when people process on Blockpass. This part will list some users’ common concerns and give tips to make the process easier.

  1. Double-check the validity date of your identity document before registering to make sure it is still usable.
  2. Take a relook at your email address before clicking ‘Continue’ to ensure Blockpass will send Magic link to the correct address.
  3. If you received a notification ‘Magic Link Sent’ and you could not see the email in the inbox of your registered email address, please take a look in your spam folder.
  4. For the National ID or Driving License, please take a photo of both sides of the card.
  5. Providing correct information and a clear portrait photo will shorten the review process, normally it will take a day to feedback. A blurred photo will make the KYC last several days, or even fail. To avoid wasting your time, please choose high-quality pictures. And remember to take photos with appropriate brightness!
  6. For faster processing, do your KYC on a device with a usable camera to skip the step of changing your device. If the device’s camera is able to work but the notification of ‘Camera permission’ still appears, click on the instruction of ‘grant permission to use the camera’.

We hope you will get a clearer view of the KYC on If you have any trouble with this verification progress, feel free to contact us via the social channels below.

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