PATH OF WISDOM: A Complete Guideline for Players 🧭



Feb 20, 20234 min read

PATH OF WISDOM: A Complete Guideline for Players 🧭

PATH OF WISDOM (POW) is the knowledge & treasure-hunting adventure hosted by, welcoming all gamers and Web3 enthusiasts.

Participants solve quizzes about facts of trending Web3 games and earn coins for every correct answer in POW.

Along this journey, Game Hub takes the role of the ultimate source of all key information:



  • Everyone can join POW.
  • Two main activities: Solve daily quizzes & Complete social tasks
  • New quiz sets will be released day by day.
  • No KYC & No $GAFI staking is required for this event.

1️⃣ Sign in/Login your account on POW

Visit POW:

Click [LOGIN] on the upper right side of your screen.

Choose to sign in/login with your Email, Wallet, or Google account.

2️⃣ Sync your account

After logging in, you will see a pop-up box leading you to sync your account with other accounts: Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Facebook.

To join all POW activities, players are recommended to complete all synchronizations.

3️⃣ Complete tasks in Social Pools, collect additional Coins

This is the chance for you to quickly collect more Coins to climb higher ranks on the leaderboards.

  1. Click [JOIN NOW] on each social pool:
  2. Click on each task on the list & complete the tasks
  3. Click the 🔃 button to recheck mission completion (A MUST!).

4️⃣ Choose a Treasure on POW’s map

On POW’s official landing page, there is a hexagon Treasure Map with different parts representing & partners in this event.

Each treasure has its own Quiz Set, which is the destination for players to solve quizzes and collect Coins.

Click on a Treasure. You will see a list of quizzes with their respective number of Coins provided.

5️⃣ Click & Solve the quizzes

Click [BEGIN] to start the Quiz Set.

Answer all quizzes before clicking [SUBMIT].

You only have 30 minutes to finish 01 Quiz Set!

Tips: All key information needed for the answers can be found on Game Hub.

✅ Correct answer

You will successfully collect Coins if your answer is correct.

❌ Incorrect answer

Once begun, you have no way to re-take the quizzes! Be wise.

Don't get us wrong we chose the incorrect answers on purpose hehe.

Check your Coins number in the [YOUR COINS] box.

Click [COPY LINK] and send your friends the referral link to invite them to join the hunt!

📜 Rules

🔑 Overall

You can join POW, solve quizzes & complete tasks to ascend the leaderboard ranking as an individual while being a team member. Chance to double the rewards!

Joining a team will not affect your individual Coins & rank under any circumstances.

This rule remains the same whether you join POW via the official event link or you join POW via someone else's referral link.

🔑 For individuals

No need to consider much. Follow the guideline above.

Answer all quizzes & complete all social tasks to collect as many Coins as possible.

🔑 For teams

You are automatically the leader of your team once you connect your wallet to

You will receive your referral link, which will not change under any circumstances; Players joining via your link will be counted as a team member.

When you want to join another team, click the [TEAM: 0x...(YOU)] box on the right side of the screen to see the team list. Choose the team you want to join and click [JOIN NOW]. In this case, you are the leader of your team and a member of another team. You can not undo the action to get out of that other team during POW.

Team members' Coins will be counted in the overall Coins of the team they joined, which is the basis for [Top Teams] leaderboard. This does not affect your Coins on the [Top Players] leaderboard.

After announces the winners, rewards will be sent to the leader of the teams that win. Reward distribution among the team members will be decided by the team leader.

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