Year-End Party: Happy X-Mas & New Year with & BNB Chain



Dec 20, 20222 min read

Year-End Party: Happy X-Mas & New Year with & BNB Chain

The blockchain industry in 2022 marked history with significant market fluctuations. The Web3 game market has been strongly affected as well with a great number of games and metaverse projects that have disappeared before and after debut.

However, mainstream adoption continues, we still see long-term development from reputable studios and qualified projects. We have a firm base to believe in a bright future of Web3 gaming.

With a view to connecting good games & good players, as well as bringing a playground for everyone to warm up the crypto winter, decided to throw a party for Christmas 2022: Year-End Party.

Year-End Party is the holiday gaming event co-hosted by & BNB Chain, welcoming all game players and web3 enthusiasts. Together with our lovely partners, will bring you a huge New Year gift to warm up the severe crypto winter of 2022.


  • Event name: Year-End Party (YEP)
  • Points earn via missions: Candies
  • Event link:
  • Event duration: December 22, 2022 - January 10, 2023 (Event extended!)

1️⃣ Selected Games & Metaverse will appear in the ecosystem during Year-End Party, with quality gameplay, significant DAUs, and supportive game communities.

The missions will be different between Player Realms & Social Realms:

🎯 Player Realms: Player experience gameplay of the projects.

🎯 Social Realms: Players access the channels & communities of the projects.

Sneak peek: YEP's event partners (updating).

As a plus, you will also get an overview of upcoming IGO & INO projects on, since they participate in this event as well: Explore websites, social media channels; experience gameplay & community activities, and more.

2️⃣ Players joining Year-End Party are welcome as individuals, teams, and guilds, all compete for the rewards.

3️⃣ Rewards go up to $15,000, along with unpredictable packages of valuable tokens & NFTs.

Sneak peek: YEP's event leaderboard.

4️⃣ Year-End Party: A Complete Guideline for Players.

  • Experience gameplay, visit projects' official channels & community
  • Clear the missions
  • Refer friends
  • Ranking on the leaderboard
  • Grab the rewards back home!

Together, let’s say goodbye to 2022 and welcome an amazing New Year 2023!

Let you play, let us pay 😉
The cold never bothered our party anyway~

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Year-End Party: Happy X-Mas & New Year with & BNB Chain.
Year-End Party: A Complete Guideline for Players.
MINIGAMES Year-End Party: A Break Mid-Party for Bonus Gifts!
Year-End Party: $17,000 Reward Distribution.

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